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NRES Student Ambassador Kathleen Russell

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Year/Graduation: Senior, May 2017
Concentration: Resource Conservation and Restoration Ecology

Why Illinois? – What factors helped contribute to your decision to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign?

I chose to continue my education at the University of Illinois because I was impressed by the school’s reputation and the strong impression the campus made on me when I visited.  My first look at the University of Illinois was during the Explore ACES fair.  During that time I realized that even at a school with over 40,000 students you can find your niche in NRES.  The students that I had contact with during Explore ACES majorly impacted my decision to continue my education at the University of Illinois.  They were enthusiastic about their major and had unique opportunities that I wanted to experience during my time in college.

Why NRES? – Specifically, why did you choose to study Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences?

Beginning at an early age I have always been interested in how the different facets of the environment interact with one another. I learned much more in depth about the environment in terms of biomes, ecology, and species through taking environmental courses in high school.  I helped to run a climate workshop and from then on I decided I wanted to focus my studies on the environment.  I knew that if I majored in NRES at the University of Illinois, I would receive hands-on experience in the field even as a freshman.  I was excited about the opportunities the NRES major presented to their prospective students such as research opportunities, study abroad, and leadership positions.