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NRES provides outstanding undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities. Many alumni of our B.S. program have gone on to complete graduate and professional degrees. Our graduates work in environmental science and natural resource management positions in government, corporations, consulting firms, and non-governmental organizations. NRES also offers traditional Master of Science, online Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Our graduate students gain employment with research universities, government agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations, and business enterprises.

All NRES educational and research programs center on science, applied ecology, and conservation in a variety of aquatic, terrestrial and human dominated ecosystems. Within that framework, our faculty, staff, and students study a wide variety of ecological systems with emphases on soil, water, people and social systems, forests, plants, animals, and microbes. Much of our research focuses on natural and social processes, such as habitat fragmentation, regulation, dispersal, disturbance, invasion, bioactivity, and decision-making. We research and work in locations locally, across the United States, and around the world.

Images of NRES faculty and students Our Mission: The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences is an interdisciplinary unit in applied sciences that brings biological, physical, and social scientists together to identify, teach, and publicize solutions for the sustainability of urban, managed, and natural ecosystems from the local to global scale.