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For Faculty and Staff

Resources and Forms

  • Academics/Student Services
    The NRES Student Services Center assists faculty and students in most academic matters. We handle student records and University procedures, rules and regulations for both graduate and undergraduate students, NRES scholarships and graduate fellowships, graduate student applications, the NRES web pages, email and address information for students, course scheduling and approvals, and career advising.
  • Department Administration
    Committee lists, bylaws and meeting schedules, NRES Bulletin
  • Forms
    Purchasing, Inventory, Travel, and HR forms
  • Human Resources
    Includes departmental policies for all NRES employees as well as time sheet and payment schedules. The Farm Policy, applicable to all NRES Farm Staff, is available in the Policies section.

IT and Computer Support

Request Help Form:
Phone: 217-244-6407 (M103 Turner) or 217-244-2883 (161 Bevier)
Visit the Consolidated Computer Services Group

Please include specifics about your problem in your message.