Graduate Scholarships

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Downers Grove Garden Club

This scholarship is sponsored by the Downers Grove Illinois Garden Club and recognizes scholarly excellence and research potential of M.S. or Ph.D. students working in the following fields: conservation, landscape architecture/design, natural resources, human dimensions of the environment, or horticulture. Three $1,000 scholarships are generally awarded.

Illinois Federation of Outdoor Resources Graduate Scholarship

One $1,000 award funded by the Federation to an NRES graduate student whose field of study is conservation, wildlife management, ecology, conservation law enforcement or a related field. Applicants must be a resident of the state of Illinois and maintain a 3.0/4 GPA to qualify for and hold the scholarship. It is expected that the recipient attend the IFOR annual banquet, usually held in Alton, IL and provide a photo and brief biography for their newsletter. One $1000 award is available.

Odell Graduate Soil Science Scholarship

The Odell Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to an outstanding graduate student whose research is related to soil science, among students of similar ability. Recipients of the Odell Graduate Scholarship in Soil Science must have successfully completed at least one and preferably more semesters of graduate work at the University of Illinois. They must also have demonstrated superior academic ability and the potential for productive research in a discipline involving the study of soils. The same student may receive the Odell Scholarship for more than one year. One $1000 award is available.

J. Nelson Spaeth and William R. Boggess Graduate Scholarship in Forestry

This scholarship is in honor of two distinguished former heads of the Department of Forestry, J. Nelson Spaeth, and William R. Boggess. This Scholarship recognizes scholarly excellence and research potential in graduate students specializing in any area related to forestry. The scholarship is awarded annually on a competitive basis. One $1,000 award is available.