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Graduate Student Handbook

There are a lot of important details involved in earning a graduate degree. The handbook provides vital information about the process of earning a graduate degree in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. The most recent handbook contains the most up to date information about procedures and processes.

If you are checking degree requirements, you are governed by the handbook that was in effect for the semester that you first enrolled in the program, but the procedures in the most recent handbook apply to all students.

2021 NRES Graduate Student Handbook

Previous Handbooks


Thesis and Capstone Project Formatting

There are specific formatting rules that must be followed when you are writing your thesis or capstone project. Some of these are established by the Graduate College, and others have been imposed by the NRES faculty.

See Formatting Requirements

Funding Your Research

All graduate students, particularly those pursuing a doctorate, should begin the process of seeking research funds as early in their graduate education as possible. This type of support can reduce financial stress and help you improve the quality of your thesis. NRES is a very diverse department, so this page provides general resources. Students should talk with their advisers and other students in their research areas about opportunities that may be available.

Research Funding Opportunities

Graduate Scholarships

Downers Grove Garden Club

This scholarship is sponsored by the Downers Grove Illinois Garden Club and recognizes scholarly excellence and research potential of M.S. or Ph.D. students working in the following fields: conservation, landscape architecture/design, natural resources, human dimensions of the environment, or horticulture. Three $1,000 scholarships are generally awarded.

Odell Graduate Soil Science Scholarship

The Odell Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to an outstanding graduate student whose research is related to soil science, among students of similar ability. Recipients of the Odell Graduate Scholarship in Soil Science must have successfully completed at least one and preferably more semesters of graduate work at the University of Illinois. They must also have demonstrated superior academic ability and the potential for productive research in a discipline involving the study of soils. The same student may receive the Odell Scholarship for more than one year. One $1000 award is available.

J. Nelson Spaeth and William R. Boggess Graduate Scholarship in Forestry

This scholarship is in honor of two distinguished former heads of the Department of Forestry, J. Nelson Spaeth, and William R. Boggess. This Scholarship recognizes scholarly excellence and research potential in graduate students specializing in any area related to forestry. The scholarship is awarded annually on a competitive basis. One $1,000 award is available.