NRES' Bethany Cutts co-leading Workshop in Urban Environmental Equity

September 12, 2014

While there is no such thing as a good place to have a natural disaster, nor has there ever been an appropriate site to release toxic pollutants, scientists have long recognized that some areas can handle such catastrophes better than others. As early as the 1970s, they used socioeconomic data from the U.S. Census to develop a tool called the Social Vulnerability Index, known as SoVI, to gauge the likely resilience of different communities.

Bethany Cutts, Assistant Professor with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, is co-leading the Workshop in Urban Environmental Equity.

A team of professors and graduate students at the University of Illinois is testing and tweaking the SoVI model by studying at a more granular level the communities around two polluted Midwest waterways. See the complete story in Inside Illinois.


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