NRES Fall 2019 Seminar Speaker Series

September 9, 2019
Fall 19 Schedule NRES Seminar Series Guest Speakers

Seminar Speaker Flyer

September 6

NASA Harvest Program

Dr. Chris Justice, University of Maryland


September 13

The Role of Women in Ensuring Food Security in Rainfed Regions of India

Dr. Jennifer Zavaleta Cheek, NRES


September 20

The Bahamas to the Arctic and Back Again—A Journey of Adaptable Shark Research

Dr. Steve Kessel, Shedd Aquarium


September 27

Bypass and Hyperbole in Soil Research: Worrisome Practices and What to Do About Them​

Dr. Philippe Baveye, AgroParisTech


October 4

Rational Design of Microbial Systems for Sustainable Agriculture

Dr. Matt Wallenstein, Colorado State University


October 11

Asian Carp: Where Are They Going and How Can We Stop Them? Part 2

Dr. Cory Suski, NRES


October 18

Biogenic Carbon for Enhancing Soil Resilience and Bioenergy—Finding Balance

Dr. Jane Johnson, USDA


October 25

Innovation and Environmental Conservation in Agri-food Systems

Dr. Chloe Wardropper, University of Idaho


November 1

Understanding the Relationship Between Ecological Change and Policymaking

Dr. Max Eriksson, NRES


November 8

The Impact of Temperature Seasonality on Ecology, Evolution, and Species Responses to Climate Change

Dr. Kimberly Sheldon, University of Tennessee


November 15

Understanding and Managing for Change in Freshwater Fisheries Systems

Dr. Gretchen Hansen, University of Minnesota


November 22

Drivers of Animal Movement and Some Consequences for Species Interactions

Dr. Anthony Dell, NGRREC


December 6

How Organic Can Be a Viable Farm Option

Will Glazik