NRES Field Experience Day at Allerton Park

October 14, 2013
NRES students at Allerton Park

On Saturday, Oct. 12, 60 NRES undergraduate students had a day-long field experience at Allerton Park, Illinois, participating in hands-on activities to learn about their major. With the help of many faculty and graduate students in the department, students took part in activities to learn about mammals, birds, fish, water quality, soils, and forests. This included live trapping and radio telemetry techniques to assess small mammals, with one opossum caught and released, wading in the Sangamon River to electro-shock fish, mist netting of birds and understanding how and why birds are tracked, measuring the upland and bottomland forests and seeing the effects of river flooding, measuring nutrients in the river, and understanding what a soil pit can tell us. With lunch and snacks to keep everyone's energy up, all had a great time in the various activities throughout the memorable day.

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