NRES Graduate Students Receive Recognition

November 11, 2016
L-R: Mary Arenberg; Christine Parker; Mara Rembelski; Jeffrey Brawn; Tim Swartz; James Miller

NRES graduate students were recognized at the 2016 ACES Graduate Student Recognition Luncheon, sponsored by the Illinois Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture, and the College of ACES. The event was held at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center in Urbana, Illinois.

NRES Recipients and their awards:

Mary Aranberg
Fellowship: Odell Graduate Fellowship in Soil Science
Advisor: Yuji Arai

Jaime Coon
Fellowship: Illinois Distinguished Fellowship
Award: Wilson Ornithological Society's Louis Agassiz Fuertes Grant
Advisor: James Miller

El Lower
Fellowship: Jonathan Baldwin Turner Graduate Fellowship
Advisor: Bethany Cutts

Christine Parker
Award: Land of Lincoln Scholarship Illinois State Chapter of the National Wild Turkery Federation
Advisor: Jeff Hoover

Mara Rembelski
Fellowship: Spaeth-Boggess Forestry Fellowship
Advisor: Jennifer Fraterrigo

Timothy Swartz
Fellowship: Jonathan Baldwin Turner Graduate Fellowship
Advisor: James Miller

Congratulations from NRES!


News Source

  • Illinois Chapter Gamma Sigma Delta