NRES Spring 2020 Seminar Speaker Series

January 17, 2020

Seminar Speaker Flyer

January 31

Indonesia’s Energy Transition & Its Contradictions: Emerging Geographies of Energy & Finance

Dr. Sean Kennedy, UIUC, Urban & Regional Planning


February 7

NRES Faculty Talk - Landscape Restoration: Something Borrowed, Something New

Dr. Michelle Wander and Dr. Jim Miller, UIUC, NRES


February 14

The Silent Forests of Guam: The Historical and Ongoing Impacts of One of the World’s Most Invasive Predators on an Insular Avifauna

Dr. Henry Pollock, UIUC, NRES


February 21

How the IL Corn Growers Association is Addressing Water Quality, Soil Health, & Climate Change

Dr. Laura Gentry, UIUC, NRES


February 28

Managing Invasions: What’s Worked, What Hasn’t, and What Might

Dr. Daniel Simberloff, University of Tennessee


March 6

New Perennial Grain Crops and Partnerships to Enhance Rural Prosperity and Ecosystem Services

Dr. Jacob Jungers, University of Minnesota


March 13

Measuring Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural & Rangeland Ecosystems: Overview of Findings, Research Needs, & the 1(00) Million Tonne/yr Challenge

Dr. Steven Apfelbaum, Applied Ecological Services


March 20    

No Seminar, Spring Break


March 27

Energetic Ecosystems Emit Enchanting Emissions

Dr. Ankur Desai, University of Wisconsin


April 3

Good for the Poor, Good for the Forest? Land Rights and Biodiversity Conservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Dr. Lisa Naughton, University of Wisconsin, Madison


April 10

Crossing Boundaries: Place-Making, Social Learning, and Adaptive Landscape Governance

Dr. Daniel Williams, U.S. Forest Service


April 17

The Contested Politics of Resources: Energy, Water, and Land

Dr. Kate Neville, University of Toronto


April 24

Carbon Cycling & Climate-Smart Management in the Rice Agro-ecosystem

Dr. Benjamin Runkle, University of Arkansas


May 1

James Karr Lecture in Aquatic Biology

Dr. Paul Angermeier, Virginia Tech