NRES Spring 2021 Seminar Speaker Series

February 2, 2021

Schedule of Seminars Spring 2021

January 29

Spatially Patterned Methods to Scale up Tropical Forest Restoration: Lessons Learned from a 16-Year Study 
Dr. Karen Holl, University of California, Santa Cruz 

February 5

Biogeochemistry of Pollutants in the Soil-Water Environment Dr. Yuji Arai 
Transforming Social-Ecological Systems Through the Study of Human Values 
Dr. Carena van Riper 

February 12

Integrating Positive and Negative Interactions in Carnivore Community Ecology  
Dr. Laura Prugh, University of Washington 

February 26

Climate Change from the Streets: How Conflict & Collaboration Strengthen the Environmental Justice Movement  
Dr. Michael Méndez, University of California, Irvine 

March 12

Dr. Jasmine Dillon, Colorado State University

March 26

Biodiversity Conservation & Human Welfare:  Making Ends Meet  
Dr. Brendan Fisher, University of Vermont 

April 9

Food Flows Between Counties in the United States   
Dr. Megan Konar, University of Illinois Civil & Environmental Engineering

April 23

Dr. Christopher Cheek, University of Washington