NRES Student Ambassador Nisarg Shah

NRES Student Ambassador Nisarg Shah

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Hometown: Peoria, IL
Year/Graduation: Junior, May 2018 (Transfer Student)
Concentration: Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Why Illinois? – What factors helped contribute to your decision to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign?

As a transfer student, I was looking into universities that have strong wild conservation research programs. I have both friends and family that attend/have attended Illinois and they thoroughly enjoyed this university. After visiting, and asking many questions, I decided to make the jump and apply here and do not regret my decision.

Why NRES? – Specifically, why did you choose to study Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences?

I've always had a love for the outdoors and animals for as long as I can remember. Ever since a young age, I've participated, and worked for, many different organization/clubs/classes that focused on plants and animals. After participating in those, it just clicked that the only major for me would be NRES since the only career path I would enjoy would have to be directly related to the animals and the environment they live in.