NRES Student Ambassador Sarah Kania

NRES Student Ambassador Sarah Kania

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Hometown: Geneva, IL
Year in School/Expected Graduation: Junior, May 2018
Concentration: Global Change and Landscape Dynamics

Why Illinois? – What factors helped contribute to your decision to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign?

I chose U of I because of its academic rigor and extensive student life. I wanted a lot of options to get involved and meet new people. Also, the first time I visited the campus it was below zero, freezing, in January. But even though my first impression of the school was during the worst time of the year, I still loved it. I realized that was saying a lot. 

Why NRES? Specifically, why did you choose to study Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences?

I love plants. I have a huge passion for gardening and working in the outdoors. This and my love of science/biology gave me an appreciation for the physical environment. I knew that a degree in NRES would really give me opportunities to make impacts on my community and the world.