Non-Thesis Capstone Options

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For students beginning the program after Spring 2012 (and for students who choose to change to the new curriculum), there are three options for completing the capstone requirement for the non-thesis M.S. Those options are:

  • Capstone Individual Research Project (NRES 503)
  • Capstone Internship Experience (NRES 505)
  • Capstone Group Research Project (NRES 507)

Through the written product(s) of one of these options, a written final examination, and a final oral examination, each student is evaluated on the learning objectives of the program.

In order to graduate, students must demonstrate:

  • Understanding and application of the scientific process,
  • Skills in the analysis and interpretation of relevant scientific information, and
  • Proficiency in communicating scientific information

across four core study areas:

  • Statistics and Research Design,
  • Spatial Analysis and Modeling,
  • Ecosystem Science and Conservation Biology, and
  • Human Dimensions of the Environment, Stewardship, and Management.

Capstone Readiness Self-Assessment

Student Capstone Responsibilities

Flowcharts of Process for Each Capstone Option

Example Capstone Projects

Final Steps Toward Graduation