Prospective Online Students

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The NRES online M.S. program provides students around the world the opportunity to study with outstanding scientists in the fields related to natural resource management and environmental sciences. The degree can be completed online with no required trip to the Urbana-Champaign campus. Most importantly, students graduate with a degree from the University of Illinois, a university known around the world for its excellence in scientific, natural resource, and agricultural education.

Benefits of the program

  • The degree requirements are flexible, allowing students to shape their coursework and special project research to suit their own interests and goals.
  • This is a well-established program. While we were approved to advertise the program as "online" beginning in 2008, NRES has offered an off-campus M.S. program since 1999.
  • Our real-time course delivery method means that students get the best of both worlds. They can enroll in a program that is geographically distant from their homes and also attend class with other people, engaging with the faculty member and other students in class discussions, assignments, and projects.
  • Some of our elective courses are offered in a blended format with class meetings online and field trips or laboratory experiences, giving students who are able to travel a few times during the semester the opportunity to interact with the faculty and other students in person and to gain hands-on experience.
  • We work with prospective students seeking a degree program in order to change careers. Some people will need background coursework before being ready to tackle graduate level environmental science and natural resource management classes, and we can help them find the courses they need in order to be successful in the program.
  • Students can try the program out before making the commitment of applying for admission. They can take up to 12 hours as non-degree seeking students to see if the program is going to meet their needs or to build a strong academic record that will increase their likelihood of being admitted.
  • Graduates from the program have found the degree to be very useful in advancing their careers.

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