William Moss

Current Student
Position: Urban Gardening Expert and Host of HGTV's "Dig In"
Employer: National Gardening Association and HGTV

Nature is something that fascinates all NRES students, however, University of Illinois NRES graduate student William Moss is taking his passion for the outdoors to the next level. Since 2007, Moss has been hosting a show on HGTV entitled "Dig In".

Moss is a native of South Carolina but moved to Chicago, Illinois, in order to pursue a degree at Northwestern University. After graduation he began teaching in the city's public schools.

While in Chicago, Moss began to realize his love for urban landscaping and soon enrolled in the Chicago Master Gardeners course. Moss has since furthered his passion by becoming an urban gardening expert with the National Gardening Association and by enrolling in the online NRES M.S. program at the University of Illinois, focusing his studies on creating wildlife corridors in urban areas.

Moss has found it important to get involved in local environmental issues and has combined his love for teaching and nature by joining the Chicago Botanic Garden as an environmental educator. While there, he worked with organizations like College First (a high school apprenticeship program) and Science first, an ecology camp for junior high students.  

Since then, Moss has taken his desire to educate to the next level by helping viewers learn about the environment by designing landscapes on the Discovery Channel television show "Rally Round the House" and the TLC show "Town Haul."

Moss' latest endeavor is hosting the HGTV television show "Dig In," where he advises viewers on landscape renovation projects and helps them learn the best management practices through hands on projects. Moss helps the viewers install eco-friendly landscapes that provide other benefits such as shelter or nutrients for wildlife.

Check out University of Illinois NRES MS student, William Moss, as he hosts "Dig In" which airs Sundays at 8:30 a.m. on HGTV and for more information check out William Moss on the web:

You can see him in action on the CBS Early Morning show below:

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