NRES Research Apprentice Program looks to increase ecosystem services here on campus

The annual Research Apprentice Program ran from June 26th – July 28.  During this time, current high school students were given the unique opportunity to participate in hands-on laboratory and career prep activities at UIUC.

The Environmental Sciences Team (Daisy Patino, Karen Dominguez, Kabir Fakoya, Kristine Schoenecker, Fabiola Rosales, and Katherine Wehrenberg), directed by Trent Shumway, Valarie Repp, and Joe Edwards, learned all about the various ecosystem services provided.  They then furthered their understanding of ecosystem services by researching various improvements that they felt could benefit the campus and overall Champaign-Urbana community.  Adding native species, pollinators, and a natural pond were just some of the ideas that the group concluded would increase various ecosystem services for the campus community.

Trent Shumway is the Undergraduate Recruiter.  Joe Edwards and Valarie Repp are recent NRES graduates.