NRES Student's Semester in Ecuador includes Internship

Clare Scheib in Ecuador

Clare Scheib is an NRES major. She took a semester program to Ecuador and studied on the environmental track within the International Development-focused program. This program was taught entirely in Spanish, and her housing was through host families based in Quito. A large portion of the program was spent traveling throughout Ecuador- from the Andes and the Amazon, to the Highlands to the Galápagos Islands. Each region included field-based learning about different possibilities for sustainable development within a rich cultural context. The end of the program comprised of a 6-week internship on an ecological reserve in the heart of the northern Chocó rainforest, specialized in the sustainable production of coffee, cacao and bananas.

When asked how this trip could help her in the future she responded, “As an Environmental Science major, this experience completely opened up my eyes to future careers in both sustainable international development, as well as sustainable agriculture. I have wanted to do the Peace Corps for a long time, and my experiences during the four months, especially during my internship, really cemented that that dream will be achievable.” Clare thoroughly enjoyed her trip to Ecuador and was excited to come how to share her experiences with everyone. A quote that stuck with her the entire trip was one from Gandhi stating, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. This was her mantra throughout her internship abroad in the rainforest. Despite the hard physical and mental work required of the ecological reserve, she was so grateful to be able to work towards rainforest conservation- “something I have been passionate about for years”!

Clare received the ACES Scholarship, JBT Scholarship, I4I Scholarship, and IPS Scholarship to help towards her study abroad internship.