Potential Careers

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NRES academic programs are excellent preparation for careers that require strong scientific knowledge, mastery of hands-on management and research techniques, and the ability to work effectively with the public. Our students pursue a wide variety of careers.

Review Career Options

A few career options include (click on the link for a description from the U.S. Department of Labor's Career One Stop or other source):

Career Exploration

There are some excellent sites for exploring environmental and natural resource career options.

  • The Illinois Career Center offers the EPICS (Exploring Pathways in Career Success) online resource that helps you explore interests, identify skills/competencies to build, learn to gain the experiences that contribute to a "dream resume," explore the careers for which each major prepares you, and helps you compare your career options.
  • The U.S. federal government has numerous NRES-related positions, and demand for new employees in these occupations is increasing as a large percentage of the current staff nears retirement. The Partnership for Public Service provides extensive federal career exploration resources. In particular, NRES students might be interested in their guides to federal positions in the following areas:
    Agriculture and Forestry
    Biological Sciences
    Environmental Sciences
  • Green Careers Center publishes a Green Careers Journal. You can subscribe, or they allow free access to previous issues. Each issue profiles different green careers and position listings.
  • Eco Canada offers a career matching utility and descriptions of more than 100 NRES-related careers. You will have to register, but registration is free. Please note that this is a Canadian site, so keep that in mind when reviewing the information about the related professional organizations and the job market.
  • Career One Stop, provided by the United States Department of Labor, contains extensive career information that includes the required knowledge, skills, and abilities and video. At the bottom of each profile, you can also opt to include wage information, employment trends, and required education and training.