Why Choose NRES?

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  1. Curriculum - In NRES, you will complete a core curriculum that provides a broad education so that you gain a thorough understanding of ecosystem processes and human interactions. Then you build your expertise in a particular area with the completion of the concentration. You have your choice of four concentrations in which to specialize. This provides an additional 25-30 hours of coursework focused on a particular area of study.
  2. Field Courses - As an NRES major, you will complete at least two field courses before graduation. Each field course focuses on a particular set of techniques and is designed to provide hands-on experience to build vital research and management skills that employers seek.
  3. Academic Advising - Our strong commitment to undergraduate education includes an advising system that helps you develop a plan to achieve academic and professional success.
  4. Honors Programs - The James Scholar and Campus Honors programs offer enrichment opportunities for a select number of academically superior students.
  5. Internships - NRES encourages you to complete at least one internship, and we strive to make that as easy and affordable as possible. Plus, most NRES internships are PAID!
  6. Undergraduate Research - This distinctive educational experience allows you to practice what you've learned in the classroom while working with a renowned scientist or expert.
  7. Study Abroad - As an NRES major, you have the opportunity to study abroad for a few weeks in NRES (and other) courses, for a summer, a semester, or a year. There are a large number of study abroad scholarships available from the College of ACES and the University of Illinois. The University and College of ACES are recognized for the high number of students who study abroad.
  8. Student Organizations - In NRES, we know that some of the most important educational opportunities a college student experiences happen in your co-curricular activities, and our faculty work with several student clubs.
  9. Scholarships - NRES offers a few four year scholarships to outstanding incoming freshmen and several one year scholarships to continuing students each year.
  10. Outstanding Faculty - The NRES Faculty is an accomplished group of scholars who strive to provide engaging, innovative learning experiences for students that include extensive hands-on practice, real world application of knowledge, and local, national, and international field experiences.