Honors Programs

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Young Scholars Program

YSP is a summer and first year academic experience provided for incoming freshmen students pursuing an undergraduate program of study offered through the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences.

ACES James Scholar Program

The ACES James Scholar Honors Program in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences provides a rewarding educational experience for students with exceptional academic skills. Any students meeting objective, published standards of academic achievement may apply to join the Honors Program at least four semesters before their anticipated date of graduation. ACES James Scholars are expected to perform at a superior level throughout their undergraduate careers.

Campus Honors Program

The Campus Honors Program (CHP) offers special challenges and opportunities to a small number of academically talented and highly motivated undergraduate students. It fosters collaborative relationships between students and distinguished faculty through small intensive classes, a faculty mentor system for introducing students to the intellectual standards and methodologies of academic disciplines, and informal contacts encouraged by cocurricular offerings. Only approximately 125 new students can be admitted to the CHP each year as first-year students. A few additional students, however, may join the program on an off-cycle basis at the beginning of the sophomore year. Designated as "Chancellor's Scholars," CHP students may be enrolled in any undergraduate curriculum.