Potential Careers

When you graduate with a degree from NRES, you’ll be prepared to make a real difference as an environmental professional. Not sure what direction is best for you? We offer a career exploration course as well as multiple career counselors and faculty advisors to help you hone your passions. No matter which path you choose, you’ll move on to a rewarding career with your foundation in scientific principles, hands-on experience, and ability to work effectively with the public.

While many of our graduates start their careers immediately after graduation, others go on to pursue advanced degrees or professional certifications to become more specialized. The possibilities are endless. Check out some of the jobs our graduates hold below.

    Current Graduate Job Titles

    • Arborist
    • Conservation biologist
    • Conservation officer
    • Ecologist
    • Environmental attorney
    • Environmental consultant
    • Environmental ecologist
    • Environmental engineer
    • Environmental protection specialist
    • Fisheries specialist
    • Forester
    • GIS/GPS Technician
    • Health inspector
    • Hydrologic technician
    • Industrial hygienist
    • Landscape architect
    • Park Ranger
    • Plant Physiologist
    • Soil Conservationist
    • Wildlife Manager

    Career Resources

    When it comes to finding a job, we have several resources available to students to ensure they are prepared for the job application process.

    Campus Centers and Services

    The University of Illinois Career Center offers a full range of programs, services, resources and counseling to assist all students and alumni of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, regardless of academic affiliation. The Career Center also runs the job posting platform Handshake @ Illinois, which can alert students when jobs pertaining to their field are posted.

    ACES students can also take advantage of the College of ACES Career Services, which offers job search skills development as well as access to on-campus internship and full-time job interviews with companies recruiting on-campus. Career Services can also aid students applying to graduate programs.

    In addition to the College of ACES Career Services, the University of Illinois also offers additional career services. You can learn about specific college offices, career readiness competencies, and how to articulate your experiences into valuable resume building content. For more information visit careerservices.illinois.edu.

    Departmental Resources

    Students in NRES can also have certain departmental resources available to them:

    Professional Organizations

    We also recommend looking into the following professional organizations to grow your network:


    Many careers in NRES-related fields have certification programs that enhance your credentials and impress employers. Many require a certain amount of post-education experience and continuing professional development.

    While you will not be able to attain many of these certifications with just your NRES coursework, you can choose coursework during your degree program that will provide you with the background you need to pursue certification after you have gained the necessary experience.

    You can find certification requirements for many professions linked below: