Arai Research Lab, Dr. Yuji Arai

Researching molecular and environmental chemistry.

Brawn Laboratory, Dr. Jeffrey Brawn

Researching effects of ecological disturbance on conservation of avian populations and communities.

Richard Brazee

Developing mathematical models of economic behavior that address forestry and natural resource issues with a focus on forest landowner behavior, forest management and forest policy.

Fraterrigo Laboratory, Dr. Jen Fraterrigo

Studying how ecosystems respond to environmental change to help improve ecosystem resilience.

Human-Wildlife Interactions Lab, Dr. Joy O'Keefe

Research that facilitates the coexistence of wildlife and humans in human-altered landscapes.

(In)Secure Landscapes (IL) Lab, Dr. McKenzie Johnson

Exploring interactions between environment, institutions, human security, and social justice.

Isotope Hydro-Biogeochemistry Lab, Dr. Zhongjie Yu 

Research aimed at resolving the complex dynamics of nitrogen cycling in hydrologic systems.

Kent Laboratory, Dr. Angela Kent

Studying the ecology of microbial communities involved in processes that sustain healthy ecosystems.

Landscape and Human Health Lab, Dr. Ming Kuo

Investigating the impacts of green landscapes on individuals’ health and optimal functioning, and stronger, safer neighborhoods.

Larson Lab, Dr. Eric Larson

Researching freshwater species, communities, and ecosystems.

Matthews Lab, Dr. Jeff Matthews

Applying knowledge of ecology to challenges in restoration, conservation and invasive plant management.

Miller Lab, Dr. Jim Miller

Working to understand how human land use can be reconciled with conservation of biodiversity. 

Suski Laboratory, Dr. Cory Suski

Combining laboratory and field studies to determine the ecological and physiological mechanisms that control abundance and distribution in freshwater aquatic organisms.

Ugarte Lab, Dr. Carmen Ugarte

Research to understand the effects of soil management practices on soil quality and function, the dynamics of soil food webs, and their influence on soil ecosystem services.

Van Riper Research Group, Dr. Carena van Riper

Providing insight on how people perceive their surroundings and the reasons why they commit to behaviors that minimize environmental degradation.

Wander Soil Ecology Lab, Dr. Michelle Wander

Studying plant-soil interactions, soil organic matter management, organic farming, and ecological soil management.

Ward Laboratory, Dr. Michael Ward

Studying avian ecology and behavior with an overarching goal of improving conservation efforts.

Wardropper Research Group, Dr. Chloe Wardropper

Interdisciplinary natural resources social scientists studying how people and organizations make decisions on working landscapes.

Yannarell Lab, Dr. Anthony Yannarell

Researching microbial community ecology, with an emphasis on interactions between plants, microorganisms, and the soil ecosystem.