Students and faculty returning from sampling in an aquatic ecosystem

You're passionate about improving the world - we are too!

Dive into a program where your dreams of sustainable action meet hands-on experience. Here you're an integral part of a community of like-minded go-getters on a mission to make the planet a better place. 

From day one, you can have access to compelling research projects that immediately put your passion to work. Picture yourself in cutting-edge labs or out in the field, innovating alongside professors who are global leaders in sustainability and environmental sciences.

Upon graduation, you'll have a solid understanding of the complex intersections between nature, managed ecosystems, and the many human connections to them.

With top-ranked education, a personalized set of applied science skills, and the on-the-ground training that employers are looking for, the next four years will be decorating your resume for the career of your choice. 

NRES graduates improve environmental outcomes within state and federal governments, international consulting firms, corporations, law offices, nonprofit organizations, engineering firms, city planning departments, and more. 

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