Prospective Undergraduates:

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Learn more about your opportunities in NRES from the comfort of your own space.
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Tip: When you register for the College of ACES Meeting, choose "Environmental Conservation & Sustainability" as an area of interest to learn more about the NRES major during your visit. 

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If none of the virtual or on-campus visit dates work for you, contact NRES staff directly to arrange a meeting with them.

Want to contact a current student? Reach out to any of our NRES Student Ambassadors to learn more about student life in NRES.

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Prospective Graduate Students


Contact your prospective advisor(s) to arrange an online or on campus visit.

For more about visiting campus, see the Admission Office's page, Preparing to Visit. 

General Campus Visit


Learn more about the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and take a campus tours!

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To make it a full day, also sign up for a visit with the College of ACES to learn more about the NRES major. 

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If you need logistical information (directions, hotels, etc.) see the Admission Office's page, Preparing to Visit. 


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