Graduate Degrees

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The NRES graduate programs offer several options for students seeking an advanced degree. In addition to the traditional campus-based master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees, we provide opportunites to pursue a joint degree with the University of Illinois College of Law (M.S./J.D.) and several cooperative programs.

Traditional Degrees

Master of Science

NRES is a broad and diverse department offering a wide range of options for master's level graduate study. We offer both versatility and depth. NRES research and educational programs can be tailored to suit your interests, whether in agricultural entomology, forestry, horticulture, or soil science. This variety of disciplines provides a systems-level perspective that few departments can offer. To learn more about degree requirements, consult the NRES Graduate Handbook.

Online M.S. Degree Program

The online program in NRES enables students to continue their education in disciplines related to natural resources and environmental sciences through part-time study at locations away from the University of Illinois Campus at Urbana-Champaign. Students can enroll in individual courses for professional and/or academic advancement, or apply for admission to the M.S. degree program in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctoral study in NRES involves developing an expertise through course work, professional activities and research experience in one or more of the disciplines described above and using this knowledge to solve and address problems. Illustrating the breadth of NRES, research areas include but are not limited to: aquatic chemistry, environmental education, humans and the environment, natural resource economics, plant physiology and biochemistry, restoration ecology, quantitative analysis, and wildlife ecology. To learn more about degree requirements, consult the NRES Graduate Handbook.

The NRES Ph.D. is one of the options available to students in the Medical Scholars Program.

Additional Options

Joint Degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences/Law

Prospective students interested in specializing in environmental or natural resource law are invited to explore a joint degree program. This unique program is offered through a collaboration between the College of Law and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (NRES). Many law schools have responded to public concern about the environment by offering more courses in natural resources and environmental law. The University of Illinois goes one step further, however, allowing students to supplement a law program with training in a related scientific field.

Agricultural Production, Professional Science Master's Program

Food animal and crop production, as well as environmental sciences related to agricultural productivity and natural resource management, are the specialization areas of the Agricultural Production Professional Science Master's program. The Ag Production PSM allows flexibility according to the student's interests. In addition to a thorough knowledge of Animal, Crop and/or Environmental Sciences, students will gain business skills to manage projects and lead teams in the agricultural industry or as an entrepreneur. The PSM program is designed to be completed in 16 months of full-time study. A thesis is not required. For more information, visit the PSM website or email Natalie Bosecker, Faculty Adviser.