Enhancing Your NRES Degree

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The University of Illinois is a world-class university, and it provides you with a wide range of options for increasing the value of your NRES degree.

Certificate in Business Administration

The Gies College of Business offers a 7-session program leading to a Certificate in Business Administration. Call (217) 244-3115 for more information.

Graduate Minors

There are a number of graduate minors available to graduate students to expand their education. Several might be of interest to NRES students, including museum studies and various geographic/cultural area studies.

Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems

Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems (HDES) is an interdisciplinary program comprised of faculty from six colleges at Illinois and, at times, graduate students from every college on campus. HDES faculty and scholars are united in the study of connections between humans and the environment. Graduate students in any department may apply to become an HDES Scholar. Scholars undertake an interdisciplinary program of study coordinated by one or more members of the HDES faculty. Degrees will be awarded through the participating departments with the HDES emphasis area forming an additional commitment to interdisciplinary work.


The graduate program in Environmental and Resource Economics (pERE) explores the complex relationships between natural resource allocation, environmental quality and economic prosperity. Students and faculty from five other University departments in addition to NRES are using economics to analyze policy toward some of today's most critical environmental and natural resource issues.


The Department of Statistics offers an Applied Master of Science degree in Statistics. This degree is intended to supplement graduate studies in other fields. Admission to the Applied MS program requires that you are already admitted for graduate studies in a related field at Illinois, and it requires that you petition to transfer to the Applied M.S. program. On completing this program you will receive the Applied Master of Science Degree. Normally you would then transfer back to your original field of study to complete your primary degree. This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your quantitative skills and your employment options.