Current students are strongly advised to take advantage of all the resources our department has to offer to ensure success throughout their student experience.

General Information

For regular posts and announcements of information, follow the NRES Online M.S. Blog. Students are also welcome to post questions to the blog that might also be of interest to others.

To keep track of upcoming meetings, webinars, semester deadlines, and upcoming student capstone presentations, be sure to check on the NRES Calendar of Events.

Course Information

Non-Thesis Capstone Options

There are three options for completing the capstone requirement for the non-thesis MS. Through the written product(s) of one of these options, a written final examination, and a final oral examination, each student is evaluated on the learning objectives of the program.

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Plan of Study

Your plan of study must be submitted to NRES Student Services upon completion of NRES 594.

Appointing Your Committee

Students completing the NRES 503 capstone option are required to appoint your committee as soon as possible after approval of your research proposal. This form must be submitted to NRES Student Services.

Graduate Internship Approval Form

Complete the internship approval form if you plan to complete an internship for your capstone experience. A fully approved GIAF is required before internship can begin.

Research Proposal Cover Page & Research Proposal Guide

Each student selecting the Independent Research Project Capstone Option must conduct his/her NRES 501 or NRES 503 Independent Study Research Project near the completion of the graduate program. The Research Proposal (with the cover page) is due in NRES Student Services by the time you have completed 20 hours toward your degree.

Request for Action

This form is used most often by online students to request to change from the non-thesis to thesis option.

If you need the forms for your final examination, request them via e-mail from, and Karen will send them, along with other information you need as you complete your degree.

Logistical Information

The Student Academic Resource Tool from the Office of Online and Continuing Education provides extensive information on registration, accessing courses, and more. Email for personal assistance.

Graduate Student Handbook

The handbook provides vital information about the process of earning a graduate degree in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. The most recent handbook contains the most up to date information about procedures and processes.

If you are checking degree requirements, you are governed by the handbook that was in effect for the semester that you first enrolled in the program, but the procedures in the most recent handbook apply to all students.

2021 NRES Graduate Student Handbook

Previous Handbooks

Funding and Career Resources

Funding Your Research

All graduate students, particularly those pursuing a doctorate, should begin the process of seeking research funds as early in their graduate education as possible.(The Library workshops listed on this page currently only occur on campus, but the other resources are available online.)

Graduate Career Resources

These career resources are beneficial for both our on-campus and online students.