Undergraduate Scholarships

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Students eligible to apply for these NRES Scholarships receive application instructions via e-mail in February of each year. Questions about NRES scholarships should be directed to nres-ssc@illinois.edu.

Please note that scholarship awards and amounts may vary from year to year based on fluctuations in the endowments.

Illinois Federation of Outdoor Resources Undergraduate Scholarship

One $1,000 award funded by the Federation to an NRES undergraduate student whose field of study is conservation, wildlife management, ecology, conservation law enforcement or a related field. Applicants must be a resident of the state of Illinois and maintain a 3.0/4 GPA to qualify for and hold the scholarship. It is expected that the recipient attend the IFOR annual banquet, usually held in Alton, IL and provide a photo and brief biography for their newsletter. One $1000 award is available.

Ivan John Jansen Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship in memory of Professor Ivan Jansen, former faculty member of the Department of Agronomy. One $1,500 award to a full-time junior or senior, with preference given to students with academic/career interests in the soil sciences. Awardees must show promise of achievement in their chosen field of study and potential for contributions as an adult. Funding provided by Shirley Orthner.

Ralph Lorenz Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship in memory of Ralph Lorenz, former Professor of Forestry. One $1,000 scholarship is awarded to an NRES major with a strong interest in pursuing a career in forestry. Funding provided by Linda Lorenz.

Charles S. Walters Award in Forest Products

A $500 yearly scholarship is awarded to a sophomore or junior with substantial coursework in forestry with a special interest in forest products. This scholarship is sponsored by alumni, friends, and the wood products industry in memory of Dr. C.S. Walters, a 1940 alumnus and distinguished professor of wood technology in the Department of Forestry for 39 years.

College of ACES Scholarships

The College of ACES offers a large number of scholarships for both incoming and returning students. There are also scholarships available to support international experiences.

External Scholarships

NRES is occasionally informed of scholarships for students with an environmental focus that are offered by other organizations.