Study Abroad

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The advantages of studying abroad are too numerous to count. Completing academic coursework in another country is one of the best ways to build many of the skills that employers seek, such as the ability to communicate effectively with people who are different from you, navigate situations of uncertainty, communicate fluently in another language, and face challenging situations effectively. Having study abroad experience demonstrates to potential employers that you are an independent, motivated individual who embraces a challenge.

The College of ACES and the University of Illinois offer outstanding study abroad opportunities and extensive logistical and financial support. NRES offers several courses that culminate in an international field experience (usually as sections of NRES 285), and we encourage our students to pursue longer study abroad experiences, as well. With advanced planning, students can pursue any University approved program and make progress toward graduation. A list of programs that fit the NRES major well can be found here.

For more information about your options for studying abroad