Who will help me if I need it?

We will! The NRES Student Services Center is here to answer your questions. We are located in the NRES Main Offices on the 5th floor of Turner Hall (1102 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana), and you can reach us at nres-ssc@illinois.edu or (217) 333-5824.

When do I apply?

For incoming freshmen, the application opens September 1 each year. Application deadlines vary each year.

Apply through the Admissions Office

Is it hard to get in?

Admissions are competitive, but you can’t get in if you don’t try! For the college of ACES, the middle 50% of admitted students had an ACT of 25-30 and ranked above 82%-94% of their high school class.

Where can I find scholarships?

A variety of financial support is available through NRES and the College of ACES. The UIUC Financial Aid Office provides advice on finding other kinds of scholarships

What classes will I take?

See the undergraduate major page to see exactly what courses are required.

Will I get field experience/research experience/study abroad/internships?

Yes! All NRES students take a variety of courses with field components. In addition, we encourage students to join faculty in undergraduate research projects during the school year and gain internship experience during the summers. Also, we are known for the large number of students who study abroad every year.

What about student clubs?

We have multiple student clubs in NRES, our College of ACES has more than two dozen, and there are over 1,000 clubs at the University.

Is there an honors program?

Yes, the College of ACES has a James Scholars program which gives students the opportunity to take small enrollment, concentrated courses, and requires undergraduate research projects. See all the other benefits at the ACES James Scholar Honors Program page.

What kind of job will I be able to get?

Our graduates are employed in government agencies, private industry, non-profit organizations, academia and in their own companies around the nation and around the world. There are numerous career planning resources available on campus, including The Career Center and the College of ACES Career Services.

What if I want to go to grad school?

Our undergraduate science-based program is a perfect preparation for graduate school. Almost one-third of our undergraduates go on to graduate school or get a Law Degree.

How do I get into environmental law & policy?

In NRES you will gain the solid science foundation you need to make informed law & policy decisions. In the NRES major, the Human Dimensions of the Environment Concentration is a great place to start preparing for further training in law and policy. While you're here, we also recommend: 

After you finish your undergraduate degree, there are a variety of opportunities to continue in law training, including:

How do I transfer from another college off campus?

Transfer students need to have a GPA of >2.5 after completing 30 hours of transferable course work. This work must include a chemistry course with a lab and a math class at or above the college algebra level. More information on transferring to Illinois, including deadlines, is available through the Office of Admissions.

I'm already a student at UIUC; how do I change my major to NRES?

If you are on campus already, and want to change your major to NRES, you must meet with the NRES advising coordinator and complete an Intra-College Transfer (ICT) form. To be accepted, you must have completed your freshman year, and you cannot be on probation.

You can reach NRES at:
(217) 333-5824
N-507 Turner Hall at 1102 S. Goodwin Ave.

U of I is such a big school. Won’t I get lost?

The U of I is a huge school with more than 35,000 students, but in our college and our department, every student has a faculty advisor. And every class you take in NRES will have a faculty instructor that will have office hours when you can speak to them personally, in addition to before and after class. In our introductory major classes in NRES, enrollments are typically 50 and specialized classes usually have 14 or fewer students. In addition, we have departmental clubs and department-wide social events.

I have heard that TAs teach all of the courses.

Every class you take in NRES will have a faculty instructor, and perhaps a Teaching Assistant (TA) who oversees the lab section. Large General Education classes on campus may be taught by a TA.