Internships and Volunteering

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Completing at least one internship while you are in college is probably the best thing you can do to enhance your career prospects. You gain work experience for your resume, and, just as important, you learn whether or not a job is a good fit for your interests, skills, and personality.

Internship credit

With NRES, you can earn course credit for your internship experience, or possibly for volunteer experience. By taking either NRES 293 or NRES 294. If you work with a company or organization outside of NRES, you will earn credit for NRES 293 Professional Internship. If you work with an NRES faculty member, you will earn credit for NRES 294 Resident Internship. If you want to earn credit for NRES 294, you should work directly with a faculty member to determine the duties and requirements for earning that credit.

For more details on the requirements for receiving credit for your internship and for pertinent forms, you can view our Internship Policy.

Finding Internships

Permanent job and current internship announcements are available to all current NRES students in a Career Information Blog. We also post various career and internship opportunities on our Twitter, IllinoisNRES. To get an idea of the variety of opportunities available to our students, we have gathered a list of previous internships NRES students have completed.

Job and internship announcements are also posted electronically on the university-wide platform, Handshake @ Illinois. This service can alert you as jobs and internships in your field are added.

We also encourage students to monitor non-university resources for internship opportunities:


Volunteer Experience

There are many volunteer opportunities available that will provide you with experience directly related to NRES and your future career goals, and many different resources to help find volunteer positions:

Most natural resource areas and organizations have volunteer opportunities, so be sure investigate different opportunities in your home town or other areas.