Undergraduate Minors

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There are a wide variety of careers related to natural resource management and environmental sciences. In order to help prepare students for these opportunities, NRES offers three undergraduate minors:

Natural Resource Conservation minor

This minor focuses on the conservation and stewardship of healthy and sustainable ecosystems that provide important human and community benefits. By providing the opportunity to explore the diverse biological, physical, social, economic, and political aspects of natural resources and stewardship, the minor helps prepare students for professional positions requiring a broad background in natural resources as well as a more in-depth emphasis in a specific content area of their choice.

Spatial and Quantitative Methods in NRES minor

This minor is designed for students who wish to develop competence in applying spatial and quantitative methods to natural resources and environmental decision-making to complement skills developed in their major areas of study.

Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation minor

The Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation minor is ideal for students in biology-centered fields who seek additional instruction related to the management and conservation of undomesticated animals. This minor is not available to NRES majors, but it is open to students in all other majors. 

How to declare an NRES minor

Once you have decided to pursue one of the NRES minors, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Review the rules and instructions for declaring a minor at the Provost's website.
  2. Review the requirements for your intended minor:
    Natural Resource Conservation
    Spatial and Quantitative Methods in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
    Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation 
  3. Complete the NRES Minor application form.
  4. Complete the Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor.

If you need to request to substitute a course in your minor, use the Minor Modification Form