The Student Experience

Student Spotlights

Christine Parker holding a turkey she trapped
I scan the woods around me, carefully eyeing the tree-line through the darkened windows on each side of my blind. I see no turkeys and go back to reading my book.
The annual Research Apprentice Program ran from June 26th – July 28. During this time, current high school students were given the unique opportunity to participate in hands-on laboratory and career prep activities at UIUC.
Katie Vogel
Kealie Vogel found what she was looking for in the summer internship program at the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center in Alton, IL.
Julia Antonson
Julia Antonson was part of the Illinois Crew for the 2016 National Wetland Condition Assessment (NWCA) and went to 33 wetland sites in Illinois and Indiana.
Clare Scheib in Ecuador
Clare Scheib, a Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences major, took a semester program to Ecuador and studied on the environmental track within the International Development-focused program.
NRES Science RAP Team Project
The goal of the RAP Environmental Sciences team was to design a rain garden for a resident in the John Street Watershed.